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About AIM IT Services

Who We Are:

AIM began providing managed services to the Phoenix Scottsdale area in 1993. From the beginning, AIM's mission is to care for clients by providing technology solutions that were both efficient and cost saving. AIM's secret to success has been finding sharp talent that takes ownership, thinks outside the box and can adapt to information technology services that are constantly changing.

Our Reputation:

Driven by a reputation earned through a blue collar work ethic, AIM has consistently grown while providing tech support to organizations across industries. AIM is currently looking for small to mid-sized organizations in Arizona that wish to reap the benefits of our optimized organizational structure, support processes and staff. We remain committed to providing timely and effective computer networking support.

Our Growth Strategy:

From inception, AIM's model calls for growth in a measured manner to insure a high level of customer service. Only as we increase our service capabilities and talented staff, will we take on new clientele.

Meet the Team

Discover who we are, what we do, and why we're passionate about it

Mark S.


Built with an entrepreneurial mindset, Mark prophetically founded AIM IT Services in 1993 prior to earning his CIS degree from ASU. Mark wrote operations software for his father’s blue-collar small business when he was just 14 years old. AIM’s first client was a Scottsdale law firm Mark worked at six years prior. There, at a young age, Mark gained practical experience in networking, software efficiencies, accounting and marketing. In addition to management duties, Mark continues to make design and database contributions to the software AIM develops for its clientele. Mark has been married for over 30 years, has three children and enjoys watercraft and competitive golf.

Zack A.

VP Managed Services

Zack has been working for AIM IT Services since 2004. After finishing a Computer Systems Engineering degree from Arizona State University, he decided to switch to more customer facing industry. He enjoys the chaos and daily challenges of the MSP lifestyle. When not helping clients he enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and two kids.

Brad H.

Software Development Project Manager

Brad has been at AIM IT Services for 5 years, and brings 27 years of invaluable IT experience from the newspaper publishing industry. There, he held diverse roles including computer operator, operations analyst, and database administrator, showcasing proficiency in database administration. Throughout his career, Brad was involved in many projects and enjoyed the client communication aspect, he became adept at deciphering technical complexities and relaying effectively to clients and customers. As a Software Development Project Manager at AIM, Brad thrives in the office culture. Married for 24 years with three children, he enjoys golfing and exploring northern Arizona in his leisure time.

Chris D.

Director Managed Services

Chris combines a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit with deep technical expertise as the Director of Managed Services, exemplifying a journey from an unpaid intern to a leadership position that includes both technological direction and business development. This path is marked by a dedicated, blue-collar work ethic, setting a high standard in the tech industry. Outside of work, Chris is a true Jack of all trades, with a strong passion for classic car restoration, proudly owning a 1967 Shelby GT350R concept car and a 1966 Fastback Mustang GT. Alongside these interests, Chris and his wife are also committed advocates for animal welfare, providing a loving home to five adopted fur babies.

Kris D.

Tech Lead

Kris brings over 20 years of experience in managing technology infrastructure, software development, and business development. As a co-founder of a start-up powered by custom-developed SaaS solutions, Kris led the company to a successful exit. Now at AIM, Kris heads the Software Development team, engaging in brainstorming sessions and scoping new projects designed to enhance our customers' operations and drive business growth. Kris facilitates projects from inception to completion, turning your vision into reality. In his free time, Kris enjoys exploring the outdoors, golf, water sports, and could be described as a “foodie”.

Lauren L.

Staff Accountant

Lauren brings a dynamic blend of expertise to her role as Staff Accountant at AIM IT Services, Point Blank Software, and Tresona Solutions. With a diverse journey spanning restaurant management, family-owned retail operations, and construction management, Lauren has honed her skills in multitasking and adaptability, earning a reputation for successfully wearing multiple hats. With commitment to continuous growth, she works to expand her knowledge in accounting, IT, software development. Lauren has found not just a workplace at AIM, but a home where her passion for small business meets the world of technology. Outside work, you will find her at home with her husband Clint, and her dog-daughter Junie Pee Jones.

Annie S.

Site/Customer Training and Support

I'm all about making clients happy whether I'm training, troubleshooting, or creating cool designs. I'm a strong communicator with the ability to listen, understand, and problem solve no matter who I'm working with. I enjoy graphic design as a passion outside of work as well, and have a knack for turning what people need into something visually awesome. When I'm not busy with design stuff, I'm chilling with my friends or family or watching "That 70's Show" – it's hands down my favorite TV show ever.

John B.

IT Support

Hi. My name is John Burnham. With my diverse background in the US Army and teaching math to highschoolers, I believe I bring a unique perspective to the IT industry. My desire to take care of my customers and my enthusiasm for technology drive me to excel in this new and exciting career path.

Anthony R.

System Administrator

Anthony Rodriguez Jr. is an accomplished IT professional with an extensive background in the food industry. Before transitioning to the IT field 2.5 years ago, he acquired certifications as an EMT and Firefighter. While pursuing a career as a firefighter, Anthony enrolled in online classes at Mesa Community College to earn a Help Desk Technician certification. Anthony has since dedicated himself to furthering his expertise by pursuing an Associate Degree in Network and System Administrations, with graduation set for this year. Outside of work/studies, Anthony cherishes spending time with his wife and beloved dog, Millie. You'll often find him enjoying the outdoors, kayaking with his canine companion, or playing frisbee with her.

Jose L.

IT Support

Say hello to Jose, our go-to guy for all things IT support! With seven years of experience on the job, he's the guy you want on your side when technology throws you a curveball. Whether it's troubleshooting or offering some advice, he's always ready to jump in with a smile. When he's not busy saving the day, you'll find him kicking back with his loved ones or hitting the highway for an adventure-packed road trip.

Cody P.

IT Support

Straight out of the IE coming at you from the 9 0 9. I've been working in IT for almost a decade now, completely self-taught through hands on experience and videos. I've had a passion for computers and technology as long as I can remember starting with computer games. When I'm not trying to break new technologies you can find me with my son, or working on some of my various hobbies which include everything from leatherworking to playing the didgeridoo. I'm always up for a challenge and ready to learn!

Cristina L.

IT Support

I love hanging out with my family, making the most of our time together. I have been playing piano since I was 5 and it brings me immense joy. I'm always eager to learn new things, constantly seeking out opportunities to grow and expand my horizons.

Carson G.

IT Support

Started working for AIM back in the summer of 2017 at the bottom. Was pretty much an office assistant and with plenty of experience and a bit of schooling I've gained tons of knowledge. When I'm not solving user's issues, I'm probably out on the golf course or playing frisbee.

Ryan G.

Software Engineer

Ryan Garns is a web developer who has worked for AIM for the last 16 years. For reference, that's longer and more reliable than your car, although the emissions are about equal. His knowledge base includes PHP, MySQL, and old movie quotes. He also enjoys fiction writing and has published a novel.

Ethan W.

Software Developer

I’m a multifaceted individual, functioning as a software developer, electronic enthusiast, artist, cook, and outdoor adventurer. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I cherish the inherent beauty stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascades. I have thrived in the High Tech "Silicon Forest" Cluster and continue to live around that area. My fascination with computers began in childhood. I pursued my interest further by studying Computer Science at Portland State University. Post-graduation, driven by my fascination with the Internet, I delved into software development in Ecommerce and eventually transitioned to web application development. This proved to be my true calling, and I have remained in the industry ever since.

Mary Sanjana G.

Software Developer

Hi there! I'm Mary Sanjana, the code whisperer at AIM since February, where I've been mixing magic into our solutions (and, let's be honest, occasionally breaking things to fix them better). I like to tackle day to day challenges software developers face and do a meticulous job. Off the clock, I enjoy playing volleyball, traveling, and exploring new trails. Life’s a bit like coding: a puzzle I enjoy solving, one adventure at a time.

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