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Managed IT Services and Custom Software Development.

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Cloud hosted services that fuel your daily business operations.

Scale and your server infrastructure and office tools with your growing business needs.

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We manage all your Office 365 needs.
We handle everything from installation to routine maintenance, freeing you to focus on what you do best—running your business.
Elevate your business with our Office365 hosting solutions. Experience seamless integration, unparalleled security, and continuous updates without the hassle of in-house management. Our professional service ensures your data is protected, backed up, and easily recoverable, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your business growth.
User Management, Security & Controls.
Exchange & Outlook E-mail Services.
Document storage with SharePoint & OneDrive.
Office Suite: MS Word, Excel & Powerpoint.
Secure Offsite Backup Solutions.
Quickbooks Desktop is a powerful tool for managing your business. We make it even more powerful by integrating with it.
Lack of a solid backup and disaster recovery plan is a catastrophe waiting for any business. We take back up seriously, whether configuration is done in-house or using our remote service. AIM's remote backup service provides image and file-based backups for both Windows and Linux.
Manage or Co-Managed Backup Services.
Email, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Teams.
Backups are done hourly.
Support both Windows and Linux servers.
Encrypted backup storage.
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Azure cloud infrastructure deployment and management.
Scalable and secure cloud hosted server infrastructure without the overhead of physical hardware or extensive staff. Offering robust security, high availability, and seamless integration.
Windows VM's
Linux VM's
Block Storage
Cloud Shell
SQL Server
Security Center
Load Balancer
Kubernetes Cluster
Why choose Azure Virtual Desktop.
Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service hosted on the cloud, enabling users to securely access their desktops and applications from anywhere on any device.
Using AVD can greatly enhance flexibility and scalability for businesses, allowing them to easily adjust resources according to demand. It ensures a secure remote work environment by centralizing data in the cloud, reducing the risk of data breaches. Moreover, it provides a cost-effective solution for businesses, as they pay only for the Azure resources they use, helping to reduce overhead and hardware costs.
Multi-session Windows 10 and 11.
Full Windows 10 and 11 Integration.
Optimized for Office 365.
Secure and compliant.
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