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Managed IT Services and Custom Software Development.

Empower your business with feature rich applications and network mastery.

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Managed Network Services that fuel business operations.

Scale and automate your technology with your growing business needs.

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online web portal with soft phone and usb headset
Onsite support with technician placement.
Get instant, hands-on solutions with onsite support and fast, convenient fixes via remote support. The ultimate IT safety net for your business.
Having an onsite network or computer support technician is like having an IT superhero right in your office. They're there to instantly tackle any tech issues, ensuring that your operations run smoothly with minimal downtime. This hands-on assistance translates to quicker problem resolution and peace of mind knowing that expert help is just a few steps away.
Onsite & Remote Support
Expert Issue Resolution.
Cost effecient pricing.
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The host with the most.
Leverage the benefits of hosted network services for scalable, secure, and hassle-free IT solutions, all without the need for in-house hardware or dedicated staff.
User Management
E-mail Hosting
Security Services
Web Hosting
Content Delivery
Document Storage
Database Hosting
Why choose managed network services?
We handle everything from routine maintenance to emergency fixes, freeing you to focus on what you do best—running your business.

Wave goodbye to IT headaches.

Choosing managed network services is like hiring a dedicated IT team without the overhead costs. From the get-go, we assess your network infrastructure to tailor solutions that align with your business goals. We take the reins on everything from daily maintenance and updates to security monitoring and emergency troubleshooting. The best part? All of this happens in the background, giving you a seamless, always-on network that doesn't require your constant attention.
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Secure Offsite Backup Solutions.
Quickbooks Desktop is a powerful tool for managing your business. We make it even more powerful by integrating with it.
Lack of a solid backup and disaster recovery plan is a catastrophe waiting for any business. We take back up seriously, whether configuration is done in-house or using our remote service. AIM's remote backup service provides image and file-based backups for both Windows and Linux.
Self Administered Backup Servers.
Backup configuration every 2 hours.
State-of-the-art IO Data Centers.
Support both Windows and Linux servers.
Encrypted backup storage.
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